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Senin, 22 Juni 2015

Leadership MSG, MSG Countries and Peoples Malanesia in Fasifik. With respect,

Submission of an application to become a Member Indonesia officially MSG only hinder efforts Papuan applications through ULMWP referentatif container. Indeed Malanesia Indonesia Indonesia using the name (Melindo) to become a full member of MSG is not true because not race Malanesia Indonesia and Indonesia is Malay nation.

Indonesia claimed that, they filed an application to represent five provinces is not true because of Maluku and North Maluku Malanesia not race. Two provinces of Papua and West Papua and Papua people give legitimacy to ULMWP. Prime Minister of PNG and Fiji should consider support for applications Malanesia Indonesia. If PNG remain supportive application will destroy Malanesia Indonesia. Southeast asia strength in Malanesia destroy Malanesia of economic trade of natural resources.
4 (four) countries Malanesia only a small island, while the large island just West Papua and PNG if climate change or global warming sinking small islands in the Pacific Malanesia save people want below where if today does not survive West Papua. On the other hand FPI continues to threaten to take control of west Papua Papua, Indonesia Papua If the west would be controlled then it is very easy to destroy Malanesia. PNG and Fiji today must understand this, because ULMWP Applications submitted an application to save Malanesia. Because of west Papua today should dispel asean economy trying to master Malanesia. PNG and Fiji do not have to bother with Indonesia Malanesia application or Melindo. To save the integrity Malanesia means should thank west Papua became a full member of MSG.

Indonesia applications just to dispel West Papua became an official Member of MSG, and it also shows the attitude of occupation and colonialism in West Papua. If the PNG and Fiji rejects West Papua dishonorable means rejecting siblings who are currently going back to the family home or bladder. Means destroying Malanesia and provide opportunities for master Malanesia southeast asia.
Departing from the above rationale I menyeruhkan the MSG Leaders and Community Malanesia in PNG, FIJI, SOLOMON, VANUATU and kanaki that:

1. That the Petition of support provided by the People of West Papua either from Academia, Church Leaders, Indigenous Leaders, Youth Leaders, Women Leaders, Student Organizations, Organizational Resistance, Village Heads, PNS, Building Workers, Employees Company, Ojek and beca, Driver and All the People of West Papua To (United Liberation Movement For West Papua), amounting ULMWP Achieve 157 427 (One Hundred Fifty Seven Ribuh Four Hundred Twenty-Seven) Sound.

2. That do not be fooled by the Indonesian applications that propose to MSG is Malanesia Indonesia (Melindo) with the aim of Southeast Asia will dominate in the region Malanesia.dan attempt to block applications that United Nations Papua For West Papua Liberation Movement (ULMWP).

3. That more specifically we menyeruhkan Prime Minister of PNG and Fiji should consider support for applications Malanesia Indonesia (Melindo). If PNG remain supportive application will destroy Malanesia Indonesia. Southeast Asian power in Malanesia destroy Malanesia community of natural resource economics trade as experienced by the nation Malanesia in West Papua.

4. That we Papuans still pray Malanesia Nations not to be involved in the moment of interest by Indonesia to offer to the States Malanesia (FIJI, PNG, VANUATU, SOLOMON and kanaki) with the aim of Indonesia to destroy the nation's way of life Malanesia.

Thus our call and delivered thank you for your attention.
Ones Suhuniap
General Secretary of the Central KNPB